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May 31, 1945     Southern Cross
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May 31, 1945

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Published by the Catholic Lay- men's Association of Georgia "To Bring' About a Friendlier Feeling Among Neighbors Irre- spective of Creed" Vol XXVI. No. 5 THIRTY-TWO PAGES AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, MAY 31, 1945 "ISSUED MONTHLY--S2.00 A YEAn f New Bishop of Raleigh Most Reverend Vincent SI Waters , D. D. Consecrated as. Bishop of Raleigh at the al of the Sacred Heart, Richmond (Speeiai to 1'he Bulletin) RICHMOND, Va.--W-ith solemn and impressive ceremony, in the presence of an Archbishop, ten Bishops, |we Abbots, numerous Monsignori, hundreds of priests, and a congregation of Religious and laity which filled to capacity the spacious Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond o11 May 15, the Most Rev. Vincent S. Waters, D. D., was consecrated as the third Bishop of Raleigh. The Most Rev. Pete)" L. h'eton Bishop of Richmond, was the Concecrator, with the Most Rev. Emmet M. Welsh, Bishop of Charleston, and the Most Roy. Gerald P. O'Hara, Bishop of Savan- nah-Atlanta, Co-consecrators. The sermon at the Mass of Con- secration was delivered by the Right Rev. Monsignor Jeremiah F. Minihan, Chancellor of the Arch- docese of Boston. Members of the Hierarchy pres- 'en included the Most Rev. Fran cis J. Spellman, Archbishop of New York and Miiltary Vicar; the Most Rev. Willim J. ttafey, first Bishop .of Raleigh, now Bishop of Scranton; {fie Most Rex,. Edmond J. Fitzmauriee, Bishop of Wilming-. ton; the Most Rev. Jolm F. Oqlara C. S. C, Bishop of Buffalo; the Most Rev. Joseph P. Hurley, Bishop of St. Augustine; the Most Rev. Joseph John M. MeNamara, Auxiliary Bishop of Balthnore and I procession were the Rev. Robert Hickman for the Bishops; the Rev. Leo A. Massei, for Monsignori, the Rev. Justin D. McClunn, for priests and the Rev. Thomas Finnegan, for altar boys. The acolytes were the Rev. Leo Creamer and the Roy. J. Bernard Moore. The traditional music through- out the ceremony, which lasted three hours, was directed by the Rev. Francis J. Blakely, Director of Music for the Diocese of Rich- mend. AMONG CONGREGATION Among those attending the con- secration and the first :upon whom Bishop Water bestowed his bless- ing, were his father, Michael B. Waters; of Roanoke; his brother John T. Waters, of Roanoke; his sist.m's, Sister Mary Michael, of the Society of Medical Mis- sionaries, Santa re,' N. M.; Mrs. Paul T. Smith and .Mrs. T. Frank Driscoll, of Roanoke. Prominent amdng those who made up the vast congregation were Governor Colgate W.. ,Dar- den, of Virginia, and Mayor Gra- ham It. Andrews, of Raleigh. , FoUowing tim services a luncbcou for the clergy was served at the John Marshall Hotel.. . Monsignor Minihan's sermon had .as its text: "I will you pastor; according to my own. heart, and they. shall feed you with, knowl. edge and octrine." and era- Vicar General of Rome. Returning to the United States in 1932, Bishop Waters received his first appointment as a priest of the Diocese of Richmond, assistant pastor of Holy Cross Church. Lynehburg. In 1936 he was made assistant rector of the Sacred tfeart Cathedral in Riehm0nd. where he served as assistant Chan- cellor. In June. 1943. he was appoint- ed director of the Diocesan Mis- sion Band, and since January of last year, has served also as Vice- Officialis of the Diocese. DIOCESE OF RALEIGII The Diocese of Raleigh was created in 1924 from a part of i the Vicariate Apostolic of North Carolina, which had been estab- lished in 1868 by His HOliness Pope Pls IX. The first vq - Apostolic of NorH1 Cqrolina was the late James Cardinal Gibbons, who became Archbishop of Baltimore, after having served' as Bishop of Rich- mend.. Cardinal Gibbons was succeeded as Vicar Apostolic of North Caro- lina by the Right Rev. John J.' Keane, who was 'consecrated ia 18.76. and wholater bocame rector of the . Catholic University Of America and then Arehishop of Dubuque The next Vicar Apostolic of North Carolina was the Right Rev. Henry P. Northrop, la,ter MOST, REVEREND VIN w,TERS, D.D. of Washington; the Most Rev. phasized the role of the Bishops Bishop of Charleston, whose sue- _.CENTS. ArsePe Turquetil, O. M. /., Mis-. of the Church in maintaining purity eqsor as Vicar &postolic, in 1888, sionai'y Bishop of I!udson Bay; and of doctrifie and unity among' 'the ws the Bight Rev, Leo IIaid, O. On June 5, .in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, in Raleigh, the Most Rev. Albcrt. L Flctcfiei-, faithful dtfring the cdnturies of S. B., Abhot of. Behnont. The North Carolina, thee Most Reverentl VinCent Stanislaus WaterS, D. D., Auxiliary Bishop of Little Rdck..the Church,s history In the course Diocese of Raleigh was established will be formally installed as the third Bishop of Raleigh.. Bishop Also present wre the Righ't Rev. of his discourse, ,Monsignor Mini shortly after the death of Bishop Water-:s, a native of Roanoke, Virginia', was Consecrated0n May 15; at Vincent G. Taylor O. S. B.', Abbot hen said: ...... " " "' Haid, in 1924. i.the Cathedral of the 'Sacred Heart, in Richmond. Ordained to the --Or'dinary "of Belmont, and thb ,prieSthood in Rome fourteen 'years ago Bishop Waters .has served . --' ........ HISTORY  . , ' The Most Rev. William J llafey " : . ..... " ' , i : ' . . :mgnt" ev. rancls aoer, u. b'. 'To the'ninds Of man .... here now Hishop of Scrantol, was the . , as a priest of the Dmcese Of Rchmond, and at the time he was named B, Abbot of St Le0's Abbe Fla Y ay His Hohness POpe Pros XII to succeed the Most Rev Eurene .... Y' ' . . / first Bishop of Raleigh be ig ..... ...... : . :. . . . , . . . today, said Monsignor. Mmdmn, . ' . . . , : .McCujn.ll.esS, D.D:, now..0adjutor B.lshop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa RE, pADoS.wPAhPAw,,MANATEh . a I "must come the memory. 0f other succeeded the Most Rev. ! =:.e,=:vRhg as vce:utt!e)an fl we.etor of the ,Diocesan Mssionary lho-";l:' -'r''''-',:-'"'' .(.'2., .had Sin'aflar gcenes that have been, ne J'. }Vlciunness. now Co-. .....  . :-...,,--touresy ot The tamgh News-Observer) -:'---r'-., %"'', ", .... ...ot. t,,e 1 enacted in th. .. ho.. ....  ,o aout0r .snop ot omanoma t;iiy ; ' " ' ..... . . loeese ot lemnonu, acten aS|ven'drable Di6eee Fr0mt!e'lanks and Iulsa . . ; " .... '"" ' ' " ' -  - ' " 'notary .nd"read from tlie pulpit, [Of: -' :-:---" ': -" :-: : -thers' 111 area,'the Diocese of Raleigli - | I tirstiii Latin "and then in En'g- |. " ..2 : , , .. :'gy ,u. ., now embraces all Of h. .,, .f" .... i ' , . ,nave ccn summoneO' by'tile vicar -- : ....... a, .  1 sh the' Decree of Hts I-Iohness [ . Christ "o s "' " ; "" ' North Carohna " with the excen- ' : ..... ' .... q,, t a sume tne fllglilty '  . _- | [ ['Pope Pros XlI ' tranmittedli'ln rb,o,ko;.i. ..... .^ z.,^ tion of Gaston County whwh s ' '"  ' " ' -  . , ltou ill.jr . tll7 tTlbl21J- " , '  .  ' . I I ][hrou.h the Most ReV.. Arno.lto|,,, _,: ......  J ' '.. .:  ,under the mmsdtction 'of ,h. ,. - . , ,--men oi exempi ry Jives ano ' . ,'. ,- , , -'"-,. I I ] Gwannl. Cc0gnam,,Apostoltc Dole- }Of tr,;b ,J,-lr- 's,, .;,. i..:.,_'"AbbOt-Ordmary of Behnont. " .... 1 I I'gate to'the Unfired States;,and"/sh-etlendr)'-:  :v ..... Z,,. ..... i ......... : , - .'" ,  g ustre on m n own 1 I ' authorizing the Episcopal eonseera- |-amb.s iil bloulq: 'areat 0- I" Bish,0p' WtiteYs eblebratef' l'fi '. tl n    e, s -v ", - ' - t  " " , "  :' .?..; "  , " .... fu'st Solemn Ponhfleal Mass at ! ! [" Spceiai chaplains to" the B'ish0p-|tl, C!.utc,n.,.Vm.i segve: .. ,.,:,? ...... ; I lhe Cathedral in Richmond on May -': I .... - ' " ' ' , ' ' ' , , 'drew's Roanot:. , '::," ":.;: , Vyver O Conncll Brennan nd I /stun Band of the Dioeose of Rich-[ ' '" ' , a [ Bish'on Waters will bot ..... m, /iOn'd.' " : /Irton..Grat agd a01,Y:, pish0P, s.:|installe d as Sishb:p"of''aie'igh:" : .  ].R' hc was assistant ,priest I " - g ' 1 ,  , ' ", ' "'" ,  I' /The" lt Rv lsbr ' At{tmr R'lrcligious interests of their people , . " ' . " " | |Freeman, P. /k Viea'r General of[ !Over this'dioiese still howr']Tfl00PS ON. GUAM EREuT :;" I [ REBU00L00 ii | |of Durham, N. C were the dea::#getlem:an,'dlstr/guished'Americ-:'nlWAl'DAMAGED CHURCHES "' | i Icons of honor. Tie Rev Francis ] eitl,Zn and perlessceleSlastieal I " . ........ IJ., Byrne S T D was'deacon of| leader.: 'His name is" iadelibly iBy,N. C. ,W. C. News'service) ,. ' I I Ihe Mass "the ev "thomas E ]stamped On th'e"bidt,'st pages of l I{ONOLULU ' Wtli a s e " " ' " l " " .... ""-, ".. ' , p ed I I IO'Corinell' sqh, deae-- ': /t 1dr history of the Cathohe Church [that amaze the island l [ I' :The Rt":io t'K;.. .... ,;,o [ n America, and the memory of hls American forces hay . | | . " ; R. . g' rdat h " " '  "di g a. ew church in the :': I I Dennis A. Lynqh Chancellor of g c urcnman came to this city, i large resettlement villa 'n Ri." I I the DiOcese of *R'aieigh, and the a. iff. ......... . .... ond from the Catho, jana, a del -v-aa`.,,en-ii,,--':yE-'rom-- -''gt ..... ., ' " l I Very Rev. Msgr. J. Lennox Fed- . ' ' ' " ; ' p Myers of-- t-- '-" " : .... hc flock in North Cmohna by Ral h W I I eral, rector of the Cathedral in nappy, coincidence, the Catholic Marine Combat 'orresonden;  ' locK m mcnmond this day sends  ........ " Raleigh, were chaplains to Bishop ports. to the .brethren in North Carolina In the new govermcnt-bnilt, ,, [ ) :  NE.W BISHOI BLESSES MEMBERS O F If IS FAffiILY--At. She O'Hara. .onclusmn ot the ceremony at which he' vas"conseerated Bishop' f 'The Rev. Thomas Finnegan was 'Raleigh, the Most Rev. :Vincent S Waters..js ietured as :lle imparted sub-deacon of the Cross; the Rev. !his first Episcopal blessing 'to inember"S 'of hm""amdy. 'Among those WaltOr $.' Sehmitz,  S. C., mster 'who attended the consecration of Bishop Waters were his . father, of ceremonies to Bishop lreten; Michael Waters, of Roanoke;'J6hn T. Water, his brother; Sister Mamj th4 Roy.  Cornelius M. Cuyler, S. Michael, of the Society vf Medical Missionaries, Santa re; N. M., Mrs. S., master of ceremonies to the iPaul T. Smith and Mrs. T. Frank Driscoll, both of Roanoke,. his sisters bishql.-elect the Rcv. Robert O. :--(Photo--Courtesy of The Richmond Times-Dispatch). Htc'lhn"and tlae Rev. Justin D. '" ROBERT HANNEGAN,' Who will flake office as Postmastvr General !:of the United State o,n July 1 Will be the speaker wilen3the Nortl: Carolina Jefferson Day dinner i: held in Raleigh on June 2. The dln- er, originally scheduled for.April , was postponed on account of .he death of President Roosevelt. Ir. Truman Was ta have been the Speaker, but his elevation to the Presidency eliminated him and Mr; Hannegan was invited in his stead, THE FAMOUS PAINTING in "Mlan of te Last upper b Leo- n :" da::Vi.fici .',.still Vily ;ati 13'agged and Probably udtm- ged, according to information re- ceived by the Office Of .War In- 'formation in' Washington. AI-:' though a bomb fell in a nearby cloister, the painting, located on a wall of the refectory of the Monastery of Santa Maria delle razte, was not hlt advtee-state. McClunn, assistant masters of eerdrnhy?': - Other chaplains to the Bishop- elect were the Very Roy. Edward L. St'ep.hens, V. F.,:mitl;d; thdRev, Ker/nth J. Rizer,?ring'; the Rev: HaroldT*F. Nott, c roZler, and the Rev. Anthony Korkemaz, gloves. Bearers of the offertory gifts were: :The':Rev. Carrolt'Dozier and the Rev. Paul V, Heller, candles; the Rev. Robert F. Beattie and the Rev..Robert. E, O'Kane, bread; the, Rev. Francis L. Brandlean and the Roy. Lonnire Spelght, wine. Mastem-of eeremany for the one of the ablest and most be- loved of ts clergyBishop Vincent Stanislaus Waters." NATIVE.OF VIRGINIA Bishop Waters was born' in Roanoke on August 15, 1904, the son of Michael Bernard Waters and the late Mrs. Mary Frances Crowley Waters. He received his early education at St. A'ndrew's School, Roanoke and later attend- ed Belmont Abbey College, Bel- nont, N. C. He began his study for the priesHmod 'at St. Charles College, Catonsville, -Md., from which he graduated in 1926. After two years of study at St. Mary's Seminary'," in :Baltimore, Bishop Waters went to Rome, where he completed his theological course at. the Nortll 'American College. He was ordained in Rome, in 1931, by His Eminence Francesco Cardi- nal Marehetti-Selvaggiant, now church, the .Most Re. Leone An- gelo Olana, Vicar Apostolic of Guam, who has returned after more than three years of war-. time exile during which he was a prisoner of the Japanese for 21 months, offered this first puSlic' In the dozen patched-up, pre- war churches, soldiers kneel side by side with natives at Mass, while hundreds of other troops 'attend their religious duties in the 100 or more chapels that dot the island. Sergeant Myers reports. At Easter ehfiplains Worked with time-table efficiency in camps spread over hundreds 'of square miles, and provided all troops with the op- po'tunity to attend Holy Week and Easter services. Casualties froha Iwn Jima have serviees brought to them in 'the' wards of Fleet hospitals. .,. ,